Thursday, October 8, 2009

Calling All Bakers And Cooks !

Greetings !

We've been busy launching our newest feature:  Ranger Bread Recipes

We developed and tested our 'secret formula' to give customers an easy way to bake without a lot of fuss and muss by not having to measure each ingredient separately - just put all the ingredients into one bowl sitting on a weigh scale. No measuring cups or spoons needed...simply pour from the container into the bowl, watching the needle on the scale move to the correct weight per the baker's selected recipe.

To start, the baker enters their desired ingredients into our recipe page that automatically adjusts the flour required by the overall weight of each item. We list interesting tips beside each ingredient (e.g. Vanilla: Alcohol has a retarding effect ON YEAST, too much vanilla will stop the yeast activity completely).

The final print version of the recipe summarizes the chosen quantities for easy assembly with minimal clean-up required.

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