Monday, May 17, 2010

Open Your Shopping Centers' ROOF: Let Higher-Spending E-Commerce Customers In

Just imagine, currently your best customers can’t buy in your shopping centers !

Today, e-commerce is a way of life. 76.3% of all Americans shop online. And, 85% of online shoppers purchase an average order of $180. But none of these online consumers can either shop or purchase online in your shopping centers. Not even your own family members.

Fact: 5% to 35% of your tenants’ sales are now online (and growing fast). These growing online sales are not coming from your malls…and never will – without ROOF.

Any chance you are still in the ‘brick-n-mortar-only’ frame of mind ? Modernize your properties to gain these E-Commerce customers and revenue plus improve relations with your tenants and local community. E-Commerce Is ‘Today’s World’ and your shopping centers need to be there. With ROOF: It’s Fast. It’s Easy. It’s Inexpensive.

ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment) immediately brings you 5 main customer groups you do NOT currently have and never will have without ROOF.

1.  “Mobility Challenged” Shoppers who can’t easily get to your malls: Seniors; Caregivers; Disabled (temporary or permanent); Busy Families; Offices.

2.  “Convenience First” Shoppers who are the 80% of locals who prefer strip malls due to easier parking, less walking, proximity to their homes.

3.   “Extended Reach” Shoppers who are currently outside your normal trading area (buying from competitive shopping centers elsewhere in town).

4.  “Internet Savvy” Shoppers who 10 years ago were 1% of the population and 0.7% of sales, but today are 76.3% of the population and 12.6% of your core retail sales – AND growing to 35% of sales within 10 years.

5.  “Regular LOYAL” Shoppers who are in your malls every day. They see what they want and go home and order it online – elsewhere. They also order in your stores – but only what they can carry. You can double these sales if you provide ROOF – help them get it home quickly and inexpensively. ROOF also improves your community goodwill and tenant goodwill as well as increasing your sales 25% and profits over 50%.

ROOF is your insurance and hedge against recessionary downturns as well as greater e-commerce sales upticks: Thrifty shoppers always need ROOF since it saves them money and time.

Open your ROOF program today and let these new, higher-spending, e-commerce (and phone-order) customers in.

ROOF has been called the “Holy Grail” for shopping centers – but your customers who really NEED it still don’t have it ! Your innovative dynamic leadership is required.


Retailers Report Online Sales Growing:

1. JCPenney: Article “it's counting on Internet sales, now just 9% of its $17.5 billion in annual revenue, to deliver $1 billion in sales growth over the next five years.”

2. Sears Holdings: Article  Sears is pouring money into beefing up its online business in an effort to become relevant to a new generation of shoppers. “Sears and Kmart stores aren't going away, but they could be a hybrid of what they are today”, said Edward Lampert.

3. Macy’s: Article “Internet customers carry growing value. Having already passed the $1 billion mark in annual online sales, Macy’s is now shooting for $2 billion, with plans to reach digital audiences by spending, for the first time, a double-digit percentage of its marketing budget on search, display, social and other online media this year.

4. Kohl’s: Article  Annual web sales increased 38.1% Comparable-store sales increased year over year 0.4%. “We're making a major new investment in capital and infrastructure in our e-commerce business to fuel future growth,” CEO Kevin Mansell “Based on our research and our own results, it appears that our opportunity in this business is substantially larger than we originally envisioned.”

5. Chico’s: Article Direct-to-consumer sales, not included in comparable store sales, increased 42% Comparable store sales increased 14.6%.

6. Williams Sonoma: Article  “It hopes that new economy e-commerce, not traditional stores, will pave the way to growth.” “E-commerce is our fastest growing and most profitable channel,” Lester concluded. It also keeps shoppers engaged with the retailer even if they are shy about stopping by the store and tripping their frugality up with temptation.

7. Ann Taylor: Article  Internet sales up by more than 50% comparable-store sales should grow 15%.


DANGER: To continue to ignore the evidence of the massive sales shift to the Internet is a perilous strategy.

GOOD NEWS ! We have a time-proven patented solution to recapture lost sales and gain new sales – and it’s 100% turnkey. Plus, it has a 6 month payback.

We’re seasoned professionals ready to work with you to make it happen quickly. Various performance testimonials and references are available upon request.

Here’s The Deal: Make it happen in your shopping centers today to earn special rebates on ROOF orders in your shopping centers. We do it all. There is nothing for you, your tenants or your staff to do. Multi-center discounts apply.

More info is in our brief ROOF slide presentation.

The Problem is Clear. The Opportunity is Clear. To Start is Easy. Call or email us today !

Looking forward to working with you,


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