Monday, June 28, 2010

Shopping Mall Retailers' New Offensive Sales Strategy - Sales Soared 400% - OUT of The Malls

Retail Stores' New Offensive Sales Strategy: Divert in-mall sales off-premises with in-store kiosks. (See Article) Mall owners lose and retailers win.

Shopping Mall Owners’ New Defensive Sales Strategy: Recapture these lost sales quickly + attract an entirely new and growing customer base for your malls….with a 100% guaranteed solution that’s so unique, it is patented.


“Time-starved consumers are finding it more convenient to browse items online instead of driving to the mall. But growth has been rapid, with online sales soaring nearly 400% since 2000.”

“As e-commerce continues to grow at robust rates — the sector posted a 10% year-over-year sales increase in the first quarter, according to market research firm ComScore Inc. — experts have predicted that online sales could grow to as much as 30% of total retail sales over the next few decades.”

"The entire retail industry, in one way or another, is becoming driven by digital, and the days of just going to the store and shopping are really declining" said ComScore. “We’re really at the tip of this iceberg."

DANGER: To continue to ignore evidence of the massive sales shift to the Internet is a perilous strategy. Sure, malls can try raising base rents to offset reduced overage but with mall sales p.s.f. declining, so go base rents. See Article

GOOD NEWS ! ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment) is the 100% Guaranteed turnkey patented solution to recapture these lost sales + gain 5 new customer groups. ROOF immediately puts the Internet into mall properties as the highest form of Customer Loyalty and Social Media program. EVERYTHING: Delivered In A Flash®

1. ATTRACT FIVE (5) NEW CUSTOMER GROUPS: ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment) is needed and desired by all time-starved, convenience-oriented, cost-conscious consumers, including:

a. “Internet Savvy” Shoppers (76% of population): ROOF provides 1 Hour service (in-store shopping and delivery) from shopping malls so customers don’t have to wait 3 to 10 days for online orders from afar.

b. “Mobility Challenged” Shoppers: Can’t easily get to malls: Seniors (12% of population); Caregivers (29% of population); Disabled (19% of population); plus Busy Families and Offices.

c. “Convenience First” Shoppers (80% of population): Local shoppers who prefer strip malls instead of large regional malls due to easier parking, less traffic, less walking, proximity to their homes.

d. “Extended Reach” Shoppers (25% of new local population): Currently outside local malls’ normal trading area (buying from other malls elsewhere).

e. “Bulky Items” Shoppers: They visit the malls often and purchase in its stores – but only what they can carry. They see what else they want, go home to order bulky items online – elsewhere.

2. GUARANTEED to Increase Mall Sales by 25% and Profits by 50% (or more).

3. GUARANTEED No Set-Up Cost Risk: 100% guaranteed refund of the one-time nominal ROOF set-up fee over 12 months from our ongoing 15% Rebate program.

4. ENORMOUS GOODWILL from Tenants and Community: Increase Customer Loyalty + in-store inventory turns + virtually eliminate the normal 30% return rate of online orders.

We’re seasoned professionals ready to work with you to install ROOF quickly and successfully in your malls. Various performance testimonials and references are available upon request.

Click Here for the entire brief ROOF for Shopping Centers slide presentation. Insure your properties against ongoing Internet losses with ROOF. And, gain a new customer base you’ve never been able to attract before.

The Problem is Clear. The Opportunity is Clear. To Start is Easy. Call or email us today !


P.S. We’re delighted to report that 8 of the Top 100 Shopping Center developers are in various stages of joining the Regional Mall ‘Internet Revolution’ with ROOF – the “Holy Grail” of Local Search & Shopping.

As our e-Newsletters can only provide a brief overview, we suggest you at least start your due diligence now…get that part behind you so you can see the other advantages we bring you prior to your making a ‘go-ahead’ decision. Please contact us for an in-depth analysis and strategy for your malls.

Gail W. Nichols - Vice Chair

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