Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Importance Of Innovation In The Future Of Retailing

Here is the 2011 chart of the stock market results for the Top 50 Publicly Traded Retailers – The “Winners and 15 “Super Winners” are in black while the others are in red.
The interesting thing:  This 5 year study clearly shows the Winners all keep winning, unaffected by strong competitors such as Walmart and Amazon or even the economy, while only a few retailers in the red are beginning to show the innovative tendencies necessary to transition into the black.
Certain retail Industries are in trouble as shown by one or more struggling companies, which indicates a lack of overall Innovation (creative change) needed to accommodate consumers’ rapidly evolving shopping preferences.
All of the companies with 50% or higher increase in share price performance are Radical Innovators, trying new products & services all the time – they are never happy with the status quo as many in the red appear to be.
To rise from the red, strongly into the black, retailers need to do something new and spectacular – a true ‘Game-Changer’ to realistically attract and keep the myriad new customers they need. 
Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.” - Andrew Grove, co-founder of Intel Corporation.
Which retailers are ready to radically innovate for a substantial competitive advantage ?  The size of this available new market is truly impressive. (See “US Retail & E-Commerce” Charts #1 and #2 following “Overview” text below)
Amazon, Walmart & Google are already bringing on smaller versions of their new powerful service (click their links to see how). Will national retailers be ready to compete effectively ? (See Overview item #2 below)
(Click Chart to Enlarge)

Overview of this Decade’s TWO Biggest Retail Innovations – for “Space Age” Customer Convenience:

1.       SuperCyberCenter© (SCC):  a HYBRID online “Marketplace” with Third Party Sellers similar to Amazon, eBay and Walmart but much more powerful:
A ‘Hybrid’ because we add a patented upgrade – we include “LOCAL”  physical stores;  restaurants; pharmacies, grocers & retailers with unique fashion and/or time-sensitive commodities as Third Party Sellers.  Not available on Amazon (or anywhere else).
This is an astoundingly lucrative new Third Party Seller profit source enabling national retailers to dramatically increase their in-store sales from LOCAL cross-marketing and our powerful EVERGREEN Free Cash Flow “War Chest” program.  This locally-focused Neighborhood initiative is a strategy that Amazon, without local stores, simply cannot EVER match.  Our patents cause Walmart to try the “back-door” into a unique Hybrid business they know nothing about.
2.       ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment©): a HYBRID FedEx/UPS for local stores AND SCC Third Party Stores.  The Logical Customer Convenience Choice.  People want things right NOW, not next day or next week !  Amazon, Walmart & Google are already bringing on smaller versions of this new powerful service (click their links to see how). Are national retailers ready to compete effectively ?
A Hybrid because we add our 100% Turnkey LOCAL In-Store Shopping + Rapid Delivery both usually within 30 to 60 Minutes 24 / 7 / 365 using our proprietary and excellent Shared Workforce.  No single retailer, no matter how large, can do this without Third Party Seller Stores co-operating in sharing a “much” larger driver pool to cover volatile Peak & Valley periods; it takes an entire neighborhood in scope and our years of experience doing it (similar to Amazon’s 10 year lead online and Walmart’s 30 year lead in-store).  Please see chart 3 “When Consumers Want Delivery” below for consumer preferences.
This enables retailers to earn substantial income from their increased in-store sales & profits reclaimed from Amazon & Walmart (and other local competitors) due to our Rapid Shopping & Delivery (30 to 60 minutes – 24 / 7 / 365) instead of same-day, next-day, or up to 10 day more expensive in-house fulfillment with FedEx/UPS delivery. 
THEN ADD new EVERGREEN Free Cash Flow “War Chest” from all ROOF rapid fulfillment orders through their Third Party Seller storesAgain, nobody else can match this, it’s “The Last Mile Of The Internet®literally.
Another Consideration: Delivered prices of products via ROOF can be the same or less than in-store prices and are more profitable than if delivered by UPS / FedEx since store staff do not assemble, package or deliver ROOF orders PLUS we pay before we leave the storeROOF is 100% turnkeyWe also sponsor Free Delivery (unlike FedEx and UPS). 
Hidden Windfall:  You also save the current significant cost of the usual 20% to 30% returned online orders shipped by USPS, UPS or FedEx.  Our online discount coupons redeemable in-store are FAR less expensive, easier to use and faster to update than regular online daily deal sites like Groupon, which retailers can add to or change at any time without some else’s approval – a huge ADDITIONAL selling point for their Third Party Stores.
A.      There are 600± neighboring Third Party Seller Stores around each of the national retailers’ stores = cross-marketing and use of our shared rapid in-store shopping & delivery workforce which destroys Amazon’s, Google’s and Walmart’s basic online marketing tool of same-day, next-day to 10 day home delivery.
B.      As the only major game-changing / industry-changing solution in sight, we enable national retailers to significantly boost their share value with a proven HYBRID online LOCAL marketplace with EVERYTHING: Delivered In A Flash®  24 / 7 / 365 that nobody else can even closely match – including FedEx, UPS, Amazon, Walmart or their local competitors.

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