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The White Paper On The Future Of Retail Stores

Consumers Are Now Moving More Rapidly From Stores To Clicks – The Exodus Has Begun

Maybe We Can Solve This Problem With A Lesson From The Home Depot’s Evolution.

Here’s the Newest Retailer Problem which we have been predicting since 2007 – as well as a Solid Solution based on The Home Depot’s earlier startling effect on retail.
Amazon’s 2011 annual sales growth just increased by an amazing 40.5% ($14 billion) see chart one as more and more consumers abandoned retail stores and chose e-commerce due to Amazon’s convenience, better prices and much wider choice.   And, Amazon more than doubled their anticipated Q4 profits due to this turnaround in shopping habits.
In contrast, overall retail growth in 2011 was barely 3%.
If Amazon’s growth had been only 3% like most other retailers, their sales growth would have been just $1 billion versus their actual $14 billion.
So, Amazon took $13 billion away from all other retail competitors.  Just about the same as Walmart took – but Walmart’s growth is currently “only” an average of 6% annually !
TOGETHER, Amazon’s and Walmart’s sales growth totaled $42 billion in 2011 – $28 billion siphoned away from other retailers, putting many into significant losses because they couldn’t match the convenience, better prices and much wider choice of Amazon and Walmart.
Amazon’s & Walmart’s very simple Success Formula: More Convenience, Better Prices & Much Wider Choice.  Time proven, but tough to match.
“So What, We Hear This All The Time”
Yes, but it is much worse today than yesterday as Amazon is sea-changing the current retail status quo and nobody is doing anything effective to reverse this sea-change.
Until the Problem is fully understood, the Solution will never be understood, nor the need for it.
It’s the same as when The Home Depot first started in 1978  and upset the then status quo with a sea-change of convenience, better prices & wider choice.  The entire home improvement industry immediately went into rejection and denial.
A new business method had come to town and ALL of The Home Depot’s local competitors (every single one of them – no exceptions) ridiculed it instead of embracing it simply because it radically changed the status quo that they understood and were comfortable with.
So they didn’t even try to compete with it and The Home Depot ultimately stole the show unchallenged and they remain in that dominant position today, 35 years later.
Their competitors were big, long-standing companies with smart people – but not original thinkers.  They all vanished – other than Lowes, who took a while to catch on to the sea-change in consumer preferences.
BELLWETHER TSUNAMI WARNING:  2012 looks even worse for retailers than 2011 as consumers are leaving stores in droves as was forecasted years ago and is now proven by Amazon’s astounding growth, very similar to what happened with The Home Depot 35 years ago.
This is now well documented and deadly serious stuff.  But most major retailers are in denial of the serious effects of this tsunami on their local stores.
It’s already hitting most local area stores near yours – many are collapsing under the pressure but are blaming the economy instead of the consumer’s changing shopping preferences.
Something bold and decisive is needed quickly to get these consumers back into your stores and away from the tsunami beach head.
Ignore the following at your peril as early competitors of The Home Depot did years ago.
 There is a new retail business method capable of deflecting Amazon’s tsunami  – it can help retailers who accept the seriousness of Amazon’s challenge and who realize the comfortable status quo of retail shopping has changed forever.
A limited few retailers are beginning to realize that adopting new and more powerful common sense game-changing strategies is needed to reposition their current business method against this newest sea-change.
Unfortunately, most others are downplaying the sea-change and criticizing these new strategies.  They are hoping it is all just a bad dream (as The Home Depot’s original competitors all did) until it’s too late.  Unfortunately, this gives Amazon an unchallenged playing field (same as The Home Depot had).

“Our Stores Are Doing Just Fine – And We’re Real Happy With Our E-Commerce Growth”

You know how much business you gained in 2011, but do you know how much you lost ?  Maybe this case study will help.
CHART TWO:  See the stats below for what this “tsunami” just did to the world’s largest and best electronics retailer: Best Buy.
Look at their e-commerce sales compared to the Amazon tsunami.  AND BEST BUY IS ONE OF THE TOP 10 IN E-COMMERCE – they are a huge well-run company similar to yours.
Best Buy’s e-commerce sales are reportedly 5% of total sales and reportedly growing at 20% annually, but according to their 5 year trend line, even with 20% e-commerce growth, they are now losing a whopping 9% growth annually.
And this loss rate will increase if they don’t quickly find the right new game-changing business method to offset this newest tsunami.
Best Buy has historically been a reliable growth company under strong management.  Look at their record.  They’ve done all the conventional right things, including their website.
However, their recent efforts have been to no significant avail.  Clearly they share The Home Depot competitor’s scenario – stuck in 3rd gear, and being swept away.
But they are still “on the beach” in the Tsunami Hazard Zone getting progressively hammered as are the other major retailers.
Now Best Buy needs something very new and much more powerful than even their website just to stay relevant.
They need to go to newer, much higher ground.
This higher ground will not be found in conventional marketing programs, mobile apps, cost reductions, new store fronts, or a great new product, or even a few dozen new products as The Home Depot’s competitors all tried to do, in vain.
A huge “game-changing” new business method is needed to offset the size and power of the Amazon tsunami  – and it is needed RIGHT NOW.
But many executives are overwhelmed due to the size and scope of the strategies needed to compete with Amazon & Walmart, so, too often, they disregard the size of the problem and go back to updating store inventory and displays.
This is an entirely new game – like The Home Depot – with new rules and new unconventional players – it’s now adapt or die for most retailers.
This tsunami threat is the same for your stores and it is here now and growing exponentially every day.
You can be assured your growth has been altered in a very similar manner even if you can’t see it (or are ignoring it, hoping the future economy will improve things).
Does chart two (below) look anything like your current profile ?
”I still don’t think the tsunami will do major damage to my unique stores”.   – OK, let’s look at chart three.
CHART THREE:  So you say Best Buy’s problem is unique to Best Buy.
Well, because of their size, they are taking the biggest hit of all others so everyone notices it,  but Best Buy’s problem is pervasive in the retail industry.
Best Buy “only” lost $1 billion in new sales growth in 2011 with more to lose in 2012.  Where did Amazon’s other $13 billion come from, assuming Walmart didn’t also join in for the kill ?
Let’s look at 12 TOP companies in 4 major retail industries.
First, Office Products (chart 3 below) is an old reliable retail growth industry, comprising mainly Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax – ALL of them recently hit by the tsunami.
Not too long ago, these were all top, “cream-of-the-crop” companies under great management – what happened ?
Look carefully at Year 2007 – the year BEFORE the recession began in 2008.  See anything strange ?
YES – In just a few years, Amazon caught up to and passed Office Depot and OfficeMax, then they both stalled – same as just happened to Best Buy in 2011 (chart 2)  – coincidence ?
NO WAY – look at Staples in 2010; exactly the same thing – Amazon passed them and Staples stalled.  Four in a row – no coincidence.
Office Depot and OfficeMax are now on the edge of extinction, and both are still in absolute denial – see chart 7 (same as The Home Depot’s long gone competitors).
The tsunami hit them hard, washing away their customers and sales, and they still can’t see it or don’t believe it.
Let’s see if any of this holds true in the Books & Electronics industries.
Well how about that !  The same thing happened in the Books & Electronics industries as shown in chart four below.
CHART FOUR:  In 2004, BEFORE the recession began, Amazon passed BOTH Borders & Barnes & Noble in sales and then they both stalled – Borders subsequently died in 2011 after a long and painful struggle.
Then Circuit City was passed by Amazon in 2007 BEFORE the recession began, and they died in 2009 (or should we say drowned in 2009).
Could Circuit City have survived against Best Buy ?
Probably, given a conventional playing field.  After all, Best Buy also subsequently stalled when Amazon passed them also sweeping away their sales growth. 
Here we go again – same thing:
CHART FIVE:    Retail Industry – Once again, Amazon creeps up and all six of these major retailers stalled (or died).  Mass Denial – Same as with The Home Depot’s competitors.
Look at Amazon’s website.  Today they sell everything: shoes, shirts, tools, cameras, sunglasses, and diamond rings, everything – not just books, electronics and office supplies.
Not too long ago, retailers were betting consumers wouldn’t buy these things online – well ??
And if you are counting on unique brands, fashions, styles, etc. – look again, Amazon is coming right after you with their TWO million Third Party Sellers.
Please look at year 2011 carefully.  Check our numbers yourself.  These companies are being devastated, starting in 2007, BEFORE the recession began.
And they are all oblivious as to the real reason because it snuck up on them in plain sight (same as The Home Depot did 35 years ago, devastating their competitors who complacently stood by and watched).
Unfortunately, many will ignore this warning and all the signs and signals just like all The Home Depot’s competitors did, until it is too late.  And, for many, it is already too late – they no longer have enough staying power (customers & profits) because Amazon has already swept them away when they weren’t looking.  Their Brand Names are becoming irrelevant:  “I haven’t been in a Best Buy store in 8 years, Amazon has everything I need at less cost and it’s more convenient.” (recent consumer comment)

”I Agree Amazon Is A Rising Problem, But I’m Still Not Convinced They Will Be A Major Threat”  – Let’s look at chart 6.
CHART SIX:  Notice how the retail economy still grew in 2008 and didn’t slip until 2009, leveling out in 2010 and growing again in 2011 – so why did most of the above companies stall in 2007 BEFORE the recession began ?
Simple Mathematics:     If the retail economy is growing at 3% average annually, and retail e-commerce is growing at 17% average annually (and rising) then it is e-commerce (convenience, price & choice) that is causing your in-store sales to decline from what they should have been, not the economy.  And this growth decline will increase as e-commerce growth is further compounded.  Again, Simple Mathematics.
When do the in-store and e-commerce growth curves cross each other ?  2020. After that, store closings will be rampant with huge numbers of job losses unless something is done RIGHT NOW.
Please notice how local store sales growth is gradually slowing between 2011 and 2020 as a percent of TOTAL retail as more and more retailers announce “downsizings”.
Then add Walmart’s Price, Choice & New Convenience (Next-Day delivery) and it’s game over for many stores much sooner than 2020.
The tsunami just drowned them.

“Nonsense – we’re doing just fine – lots of good things are in the works.”
Actually, we’re simply pointing out the newest statistics of the rapidly changing e-commerce retail world.  Let’s see if chart 7 sheds any additional light.
CHART SEVEN:  You may ask: “What’s all this red about ? Why so many ?  Sure there is always a few under water – but not half (or more).”
Not too long ago these were ALL super performing companies or they wouldn’t be on this list.  (Like The Home Depot’s myriad original competitors that denied the NEW reality and are now gone.)
The first step to solving any problem is to acknowledge it, then to clearly understand it.
No it’s not caused entirely by the economy.  And no, it’s not entirely e-commerce versus in-store either.  So what is the Problem ?
The answer is blatantly clear & simple:  Consumer Preferences Are Rapidly Changing As Technology Advances.  Ask the industry leaders: Amazon, Walmart & Google.
Consumers Want More Convenience.  Better Pricing.  Wider Choices.  NOW !
Give them this (as The Home Depot did) and this will stop the Tsunami dead in its tracks – Because This Created The Tsunami In The First Place.
“Wait, Wait, Wait – Not So Fast – We Simply Can’t Do All This.”

Well, actually YES you can do all this – easily, inexpensively and with even greater profits.    

CHART EIGHT:   Certainly this is not something any one retailer can achieve alone – you need a well coordinated, knowledgeable and very diverse team.  (A Consortium.)

Retailers like Best Buy have done all the conventional stuff and much more – but against the e-commerce tsunami, it’s been to no avail so they are buying back shares and retrenching (going smaller, less relevant) instead of looking for a new game-changing common sense business method as The Home Depot did (and as Amazon did – and so did Walmart when they added groceries).  Standing alone on the beach watching this thing roll over you is, well . . . . . !

“I’ve Heard All The Doomsday Sayers Before – I Think The Whole Solution Is Impossible and Blown Out Of Proportion”

Look, Amazon just announced its huge sales growth explosion and caught everyone off guard – so it will be much tougher tomorrow than yesterday – no doubt about it.  After all, consumers now love and depend on Amazon because they are reliable and they protect the consumer with positive AND NEGATIVE product reviews to guard and enhance consumer experience.  Plus today’s consumer can get everything online (other than most time-sensitive perishables) at great prices, which is why Amazon is expanding so phenomenally.  More Convenience, better prices and far more choice than you now offer – so the tsunami continues to roll over you.

BUT, when you really study the myriad components of The Network Consortium (below), including the massive geography, you will see that store by store and area by area, there is a simple symbiotic relationship significantly benefitting all participants that is absolutely designed to offset Amazon & Walmart in every way that most of you have never investigated because we have never heard from you, thus leaving you stranded on the beach.  Yes, we know this is a huge statement but we have 30 years direct experience allowing us this unique perspective.

The common sense simplicity is that our SuperCyberCenter with ROOF Network Consortium is the solution retailers need to defend against the Amazon tsunami.  The Network Consortium comprises local neighborhood  retailers including grocers, restaurants and pharmacies, thus giving the consumer more convenience, far more choice and better pricing as well as building on the community aspect.  But this is a radically new retail business method for local shopping and delivery, something retailers may find perplexing – but it is a true game-changer that is necessary to turn the tide of this new tsunami – Amazon (and Walmart).

Ignore this at your peril.

For retailers to benefit from The Network Consortium, it does require an open mind and a few exceptional and innovative executives (that will be well rewarded).  Here’s how it works:

The online SuperCyberCenter has Anchor stores with in-line smaller tenants in a group
setting – a simple structure used effectively for years by every major regional mall owner. (And Amazon & Walmart.)

This online SuperCyberCenter is enhanced by Rapid Online Order Fulfillment (ROOF): 1-Hour in-store shopping and delivery is the drawing card (the more convenient part) BUT THE MOST DIFFICULT PART .

With a diversity of dissimilar local neighborhood retailers participating as Third Party Sellers in the SuperCyberCenter – much wider choice is easily achieved, which no single retailer alone could match (including Amazon & Walmart) because, for the first time, we include retailers selling time-sensitive perishable items like milk, ice cream, cheeseburgers and fries.

But the tricky part is also offering better prices with higher profits & margins – therefore the solution is multi-part.

·         As each retailer promotes their own stores in the SuperCyberCenter Network Consortium, cross-marketing reduces all participants’ marketing costs substantially (same as in a regional mall)

·         As this generates all new incremental business – sales and profits are higher (same as in a regional mall)

·         Retailers can use some of these added profits to lower consumer service costs (same as in a regional mall)

·         Anchor retailers pay less and get more (same as in a regional mall) assuming their competitors didn’t get there first.

·         Your competition (Amazon & Walmart) now have a much higher threshold to achieve thus protecting your sales and profits.

This results in a very new business method, very bold and very decisive: certainly powerful enough that the tsunami can’t reach the Network’s higher ground – and it’s been fully tried and proven over time and at enormous expense.

Together we can overcome the looming threat of the tsunami with Bold & Decisive Action; assuming you still have a viable business left.

Chart 8  Look at what can be done if a few original thinkers take up the Amazon challenge.  (Amazon’s growth rate returns to normal – yours continues at an improved rate – leaving a level playing field.)

To sum up Amazon’s disconcerting news – Retailers Must Advance In Strength or Die.  The choice is yours.  Denial is simply not an option for you or your industry.  (Remember The Home Depot’s original competitors – all gone !)

CHART NINE:  Yes, there is a strong ongoing place for e-commerce – it’s certainly here to stay.  But let’s level the playing field !

To do so, we offer the National SuperCyberCenter with ROOF Network Consortium requiring national retailer participation;  starting with just a few visionaries who acknowledge their problem with the tsunami (Amazon and Walmart).

Then, as an early adopter Anchor or Charter Member in The Network Consortium, there are myriad other benefits you gain directly and indirectly.

Frankly, under these new circumstances, it should be an easy decision for most retailers TO AT LEAST CALL US to review their options.

Here’s How You Save Your Stores And Possibly Your Career.

Assuming you are past the normal excitement of watching the big wave roll in, and/or the denial that there even is a wave;

And assuming your brand name still has any consumer power left, which many no longer have;

Then there is virtually no cost to have one of your appropriate EVPs (or higher) call us – you owe at least this much to yourself and your shareholders.

AND if any of this makes any sense to you, and if by any chance you see your company threatened by the tsunami, please see our one-time incentive to join us below.

Overview:  The Retail New Business Method.

CONVENIENCE was, and always will be, the number one consumer driver.  With COST a close second and CHOICE their final deciding factor.  Consumers simply don’t care about your profitability or store traffic counts, that’s your problem.  But holding back on delivering faster, better, less expensive services to your customers because you don’t want to do something new or different is totally unwise.  (The Home Depot competitor syndrome.)

Let’s look carefully at how you can deliver the future to your customers AND GET GREATER SALES, PROFITS & IN-STORE TRAFFIC COUNTS – ALL TESTED & PROVEN.

1.       CONSUMER CONVENIENCE:   Rapid Delivery in 30 to 60 minutes from your local stores with us doing the entire order processing including assembly and payment before we leave your store;  you will probably concede every single customer you have would prefer this over FedEx or UPS delivery in 3 to 10 days and we can do this cheaper, faster and more efficiently than FedEx and UPS given our 30 years experience (see The Network below).  Both FedEx and UPS are currently trying to come up with Same-Day service which only 33% of consumers want (see chart above).  How about In-Store Shopping + Rapid Delivery in 1-Hour ? Net Result:  Happy and loyal new customers.

2.       CONSUMER PRICE:  These are all INCREMENTAL SALES so you are much further ahead to start BUT add to this your HUGE Local Third Party Seller profits via our SuperCyberCenter “SCC” Network (see “The Network Consortium” below) and you are light years ahead in profits no matter what you offer your local customers in pricing incentives AGAINST Walmart & Amazon.  Using your Third Party Seller profits, you can become more competitive in your core products and still make MORE profit than you are now.  Net Result:  Very happy and loyal new customers (and shareholders).

3.       CONSUMER CHOICE:  Let’s say you are in the electronics business as is Amazon.  Now add a neighboring Third Party Seller store in the dissimilar “shoe” business to your SuperCyberCenter “SCC”, similar to Amazon’s online Marketplace.  The resulting cross-marketing on your SCC produces new sales for your store exactly the same as major Regional Malls bring local shoe purchasers into your electronics stores.  It’s  effective, economical & powerful.  AND it’s probably why your stores are already in malls, shopping centers or high traffic areas.  Now add a few more dissimilar high attraction retailers such as restaurants & pharmacies & grocers to your SCC and your local store sales will rise proportionately.  Amazon is doing it successfully.  Walmart is doing it successfully. And every Regional Mall in the world is doing it successfully.  How about you ?  Net Result:  Extremely happy and loyal new customers (and ecstatic shareholders).

4.       IN-STORE TRAFFIC:   Traffic is important both online and in-store.  But in-store traffic is critical and, as we all know, it’s moving online.  Add cross-marketing with dissimilar high attraction Third Party Seller local stores to your SCC and both your in-store traffic and online traffic will increase proportionately.  Then add “in-store incentives” to your SCC and you have the best of all worlds.  Common Sense.  Amazon & Walmart have been gaining more traffic this way for years with dissimilar high traffic Third Party Sellers and online in-store promotions.

5.       RETAIL PROFITS:   Trying to stay competitive with Amazon and Walmart simply saps your bottom line unless you can increase your sales proportionately;  but against Amazon & Walmart – tough to do.  OK look around, what else do you have to create new profits ?  Look up.  Is the Brand Name above your stores powerful ?  If so, use it together with your 30 to 60 minute In-Store Shopping + Rapid Delivery of products from your stores to bring on board your dissimilar high attraction Third Party Seller neighboring stores whose customers also want In-Store Shopping + Rapid Delivery.  The value of your Brand name will sky-rocket and so will your bottom line.

6.       Killer App:  Great customer service is important to all retail executives.  If 20% to 30% of all your store customers went away unhappy and returned their purchases, you would go insane.  But you are OK with this when FedEx and UPS do exactly that EVERY DAY to your e-commerce distribution centers.  How about cutting that down to 2% to 3% by getting the right things to the customer from your stores so fast & friendly they can’t change their minds – as a supplemental service to in-store pickup.  Now you have control of the order every step of the way.

7.       In-Store Smartphones:  It is shocking how many people regularly shop with their smartphone front & center.  They check your product and price and then (if it’s cheaper) order it from Amazon BEFORE THEY LEAVE YOUR STORE and there is nothing you can do to stop this.  But you can turn it to your advantage:  Put in-store signs (the bigger the better) that invite shoppers to check your online price and 1-Hour delivery timing against Amazon’s online price – give them your SuperCyberCenter (SCC) web address so they can see your ONLINE price with our one hour shopping & delivery against Amazon’s 3 to 10 day delivery. 
Yes, your SCC online price can be less than Amazon and less than your in-store price AND MORE PROFITABLE DOING IT because you will use your Third Party Seller Profits (as Amazon does) to offset your lower online prices AND your 1-Hour delivery is more customer-friendly than Amazon’s unfriendly 3 to 10 days.  Now your customer’s choice is: (1) Amazon Online unfriendly & more expensive (2) You Online friendly and less expensive, or (3) take it home from your store at a slightly higher in-store price and you are local, Amazon isn’t.  Many will simply buy in-store and take it home with them – even more convenient.  Choices galore from previously limited choices.  And remember THREE things:  (1) online orders are historically larger and more profitable than in-store orders; (2) be thankful you have that customer at home instead of at Amazon (or Walmart); and (3) your local stores are now absolutely relevant to your future success, rather than a drag on profits.  Naysayers – beware of the rapidly growing tsunami.
HERE’S YOUR BONUS:  Shareholders and investors want a stronger company with higher profits.  Join us.  Result:  Higher Market Cap.

To achieve all the above, simply give your customers what they have always wanted. More Convenience, Better Prices, Wider Choices as provided by The Network Consortium (see below). 
Added Bonus: We sponsor FREE Delivery.

The SuperCyberCenter Network Consortium with Rapid 1-Hour In-Store Shopping + Delivery is all in one package.  And it’s 100% turnkey;  you and your staff do nothing new or extra (see below).
SUMMATION:   We know many of you are really struggling with all this (our communications get an amazing 40% readership – for which we sincerely thank you).  Your industry is in yet another massive change, and change is tough to swallow, but you know you must change and adapt or die.  Not a great alternative.

Secondly, you may have questions about who we are, etc, etc.  As the founders, we have invested 30 years and $ millions in R&D and myriad field trials in many cities, personally investing everything we owned (and more) as most entrepreneurs do – simply because we knew from our unique perspective what consumers want and where all this had to eventually end up.  Convenience (1-Hour versus 3 to 10 days)  Lower Price (Third Party Seller Participation as Amazon does) and MUCH Wider Choice (all your local neighboring stores with whom you already cooperate as a community, including those selling time-sensitive perishables).  Just as Walmart and Amazon have been doing at your expense for years.

We know you know this is simple common sense, and yet perhaps it still seems like very foreign stuff.  And many of you have outright told us you would prefer to stick to your product line and not add other things like (horrors) milk and cheeseburgers.  Yes, in simpler days, that is what we were all taught, “stick to your knitting”, then along came the tsunami (Amazon and Walmart).  Times have changed forever and so has the retail status quo, but with a SuperCyberCenter Network Consortium with Rapid Online Order Fulfillment, you still only concentrate on what you do best – we do all the other stuff in a symbiotic relationship same as we did so successfully with McDonald’s (see chart at the end).

This is an industry-wide problem, yet to our surprise it is also an industry-wide response same as happened with The Home Depot years ago:  resistance and denial to the solution, yet more than half of major retailers are already in serious trouble.

SOLUTION:  We need you and you need us ….Now!  Firstly join us in Buffalo, NY for your initial benchmarking (sticking your toe in the water); then when you find the water is actually rather nice, join us in Pittsburgh, PA (walk around the wading pool); then when you are really comfortable, join us in Atlanta, GA (swim across the pool – in the shallow end) then when all this is comfortable and paying off – go National with us as a Consortium, thus outmaneuvering the tsunami.

Those who join us now when we ALSO need you will receive initial and long term Charter Member privileges – not to mention at virtually no risk while potentially saving your company.  Here’s what you get.

this Decade’s TWO Biggest Retail Innovations – for “Space Age” Customer Convenience, Price & Choice:
1.       SuperCyberCenter© (SCC):  a HYBRID online “Marketplace” with Third Party Sellers similar to Amazon, eBay and Walmart but much more powerful:
A ‘Hybrid’ because we add a patented upgrade – we include “LOCAL”  physical stores;  restaurants; pharmacies, grocers & retailers with unique fashion and/or time-sensitive commodities as Third Party Sellers.  Not available on Amazon (or anywhere else).  Take The Leadership Position In Your Industry.
This is an astoundingly lucrative new Third Party Seller profit source enabling you to dramatically increase your in-store sales from LOCAL cross-marketing
·         In-Line Retail Participants – no cost to join

·         Anchor Retail Participants – no cost to join – lower operating costs

·         Charter Retail Participant – SCC is branded in your name – you are front and center everywhere – you earn powerful EVERGREEN Free Cash Flow “War Chest” new profits on all Third Party Seller Store ROOF sales. Limited Charter positions are available in any area.
These locally-focused Neighborhood initiatives are a strategy that Amazon, without local stores, simply cannot EVER match.  Our patents will cause Walmart to try the “back-door” into a unique Hybrid business they know nothing about.
2.       ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment©): a HYBRID FedEx/UPS for your local stores AND your SCC Third Party Seller Stores.   The Logical Customer Convenience Choice.  People want things right NOW, not next day or next week !  Amazon, Walmart & Google are already bringing on smaller versions of this new powerful service against you (click their links to see how). Are you ready to compete effectively ?
A Hybrid because we add our 100% Turnkey LOCAL In-Store Shopping + Rapid Delivery both usually within 30 to 60 Minutes 24 / 7 / 365 using our proprietary and excellent Shared Workforce.  No single retailer, no matter how large, can do this without local area Third Party Seller Stores co-operating in sharing a “much” larger driver pool to cover your volatile Peak & Valley periods; it takes an entire neighborhood in scope and our years of experience doing it (similar to Amazon’s 10 year lead online and Walmart’s 30 year lead in-store).
Another Consideration: Delivered prices of your products via ROOF can be the same or less than in-store prices and are more profitable than if delivered by UPS / FedEx since your store staff do not assemble, package or deliver ROOF orders PLUS we pay before we leave the storeROOF is 100% turnkey.  And you have control of the order every step of the way.
This enables you to earn substantial income from your increased in-store sales & profits reclaimed from Amazon & Walmart (and other local competitors) due to our Rapid Shopping & Delivery (30 to 60 minutes – 24 / 7 / 365) instead of same-day, next-day, or up to 10 day more expensive in-house fulfillment with FedEx/UPS delivery. 
THEN ADD your new Charter Member EVERGREEN Free Cash Flow “War Chest” from all ROOF rapid fulfillment orders through your Third Party Seller storesAgain, nobody else can match this, it’s “The Last Mile Of The Internet®literally.
Hidden Windfall:
·         You also save your current significant cost of the usual 20% to 30% returned online orders shipped by USPS, UPS or FedEx.

·         Our online store-branded discount coupons redeemable in-store are FAR less expensive, easier to use and faster to update than regular online daily deal sites like Groupon, which you can add to or change at any time without someone else’s approval – a huge ADDITIONAL selling point for your Third Party Seller Stores.

·         We sponsor Free Delivery (unlike FedEx and UPS). 

There are 600± neighboring Third Party Seller Stores around each of your stores = cross-marketing and use of our shared rapid in-store shopping & delivery workforce which destroys Amazon’s, Google’s and Walmart’s basic online marketing tool of same-day, next-day to 10 day home delivery.
Getting Started Is As Simple As Plugging In A Toaster !
As the only major game-changing / industry-changing solution in sight, we enable you to significantly boost your sales, profits and share value with a proven HYBRID online LOCAL marketplace with EVERYTHING: Delivered In A Flash®  24 / 7 / 365 that nobody else can even closely match – including FedEx, UPS, Amazon, Walmart or your local competitors.
The Ultimate Shopping Convenience®   Delivered In A Flash®
Email us at gnichols (at)  And remember, there is limited room for SCCs in any area.  First movers will attract the best Third Party Sellers and the most customers.
We will demonstrate every step of the program including how we logically increase your Net After Tax profit by as much as 58% or more (see Gold Standard chart below) depending on the plan you choose.
Please email me to schedule a time when you have a few minutes to discuss this Bold and Decisive Strategy and we will give you your Rapid Online Order Fulfillment (ROOF) service FREE for your first 3 months during any of our initial benchmarking cities (Buffalo, NY;  Pittsburgh, PA then Atlanta, GA.)
Thank you,
Gail Nichols - Vice Chair

Email: gnichols (at)

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