Thursday, January 14, 2010

If Mall Developers Nationwide Sponsored It..

Innovative executives in some of the Top 30 shopping mall developers are working with us after years of R&D and field trials in various cities to provide stores with a powerful means of recapturing rapidly growing Internet sales in-store that are going to online competitors (e.g. Amazon, eBay and many others). Importantly, this will also bring new sales from 80% of local shoppers that can’t easily travel to stores (i.e. seniors, disabled, busy families and offices).

We are working aggressively with these malls to offer retailers an extraordinary national Rapid Online Order Fulfillment (ROOF) Network providing local 30 to 45 minute Order Fulfillment (In-Store Shopping & Delivery), 24/7/365.

To register your opinion in joining this National Consortium, go to

The ROOF Network is a revolutionary and dynamic: Sales; Multi-Channel Marketing; and Distribution system that eliminates the 30% returns that most retailers experience with online orders delivered in 3 to 10 days from their remote warehouses. ROOF will not replace successful e-commerce warehouses but will strongly enhance them. ROOF At-The-Door pricing is LESS than In-Store pricing from fully participating retailers.

ROOF is patented with proprietary technology; extensively field-tested; and is based on our 30 years experience with major retailers from coast to coast; a particular advantage considering that so many others have tried and failed to succeed in this significant market. (Note: click image below to enlarge)

Participating stores will experience a 15% sales increase (or much more for aggressive stores); and, most importantly, these new incremental sales will give you a profit increase of 45% to 90% which we would like to demonstrate to you. There is no cost to join as we jointly sponsor this cost with the mall developers.

We have been asked by these mall developers to contact you to ask if you would be willing or interested to join such a National Network for local Rapid Online Order Fulfillment for your stores. Your response will assist in further creating this Consortium with these, and other malls, which is essential for a fully national program as no single mall covers all areas.
Malls are an essential part of the Network Consortium as each Rapid Order Fulfillment Area with a 6 to 10 mile radius requires a minimum of 50 complementary participating stores to begin; otherwise it would not be cost-effective for any of the 5 key Consortium Group Members (i.e. Stores, Malls, Consumers, Driver Network, and
To register your opinion in joining this National Consortium, go to
Respondents will be offered periodic update reports

Your Comments, even skeptical, would also be appreciated. A link to our slide presentation deck is also on this page.

I'm looking forward to your comments !

Best regards,

Gail Nichols

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