Thursday, February 18, 2010

We Save Your Declining Malls & Their Property Values

As consumer demands expanded, malls changed from town centers in the 50’s to mega regional malls today.

Then, in 2008The Perfect Storm” recession sparked the INTERNET EXPLOSION diverting core mall sales to off-premises online retailers.

These lost sales caused store vacancy rates to rise and thus mall profits, property values & market cap to plummet. Retail sales are beginning to return but mostly to online retailers. 

TARP expects this trend to continue through 2014 as $1.4 trillion of commercial real estate values decline; half are “underwater” with secured bank debt coming due. (Bloomberg)

ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment) increases mall sales 25% to 35% & walk-in traffic 8% to 12%.

ROOF is a turnkey multi-channel sales, marketing & fulfillment network enabling shopping center tenants to offer customers low cost, economical online shopping & delivery from their stores in 30 to 45 minutes, 7 / 24 / 365. ROOF appeals to affluent professionals, busy families, offices, seniors, disabled and others .…. When They Just Can’t Get Out Or Have Better Things To Do®

ROOF Refurbishes & E-Commerce-Enables declining malls back into healthy growth properties by doubling your malls’ trading area and significantly changing your malls’ demographics to higher income online convenience shoppers who are now 74% of the population, increasing the market for online shopping 40% in the last 2 years. (AC Nielsen)


1. Your tenants need ROOF’s new online orders fulfilled in their stores with higher incremental profits;

2. Consumers want (and often need) ROOF’s low cost, enhanced customer service;

3. Refurbish your malls to the INTERNET AGE with ROOF online sales providing you new income, thus securing your property values, higher rent and market cap.

BONUS: ROOF is your 5th virtual online mall for every 4 bricks-n-mortar malls you own. While revitalized sales are important – your bankers are looking for long term verifiable NEW income-producing solutions.

Skeptical ?  Sure you are !

Mall failure is colossally expensive. With ROOF, all this changes. (See “Our Credentials” slide below)

ROOF helps you improve 3 areas of high importance:

1. Refurbish & E-Commerce-Enable your declining malls;

2. Refurbish & E-Commerce-Enable your other more successful malls;

3. Stabilize and increase your overall LONG TERM profits, property values and market cap

ROOF’s TURNKEY Multi-Channel Sales, Marketing & Fulfillment Network:

A. Signs your tenants including major retailers,

B. Provides the enabling technology and call center,

C. Sponsors FREE Delivery,

D. Coordinates the drivers.

There is nothing for you as a mall owner or your staff to do.

1. We’ll Refurbish & E-Commerce-Enable 1 to 3 of your most troubled properties with a new ROOF program.

2. Each mall needs approximately 40 to 60 (or more) active stores to quickly reach local area consumer critical mass awareness & participation – thus quickly ramping up your recovery, income & long-term solution.

3. The average cost to build new malls is $250 per sq ft. However, the one-time cost to Refurbish & E-Commerce-Enable your malls with ROOF averages 1/10 of 1% of new building costs. With ROOF, your annual ROI is 25 times your one-time ROOF set-up cost, not considering enhanced property values or market cap.

4. List your selected location(s), their property manager(s) and the challenge(s) we need to overcome for you. All we ask is your testimonial upon our success for you.

5. Call or email us today, as we will focus on a limited group of high risk projects. Any delay risks your loss of these readily available new ROOF sales, profits and traffic and very possibly the loss of your declining properties.

CAUTION: Your leadership with your tenants is essential.

 If you wait for all your tenants to join before you join, you will lose your critical mass opportunity and thus substantial ROOF income from overage rents and rebate incentives.

 To expect consumers to flock back to your malls when the economy improves is to overlook the key reason they left….they prefer to shop online for convenience & savings.

 Shoppers will return when you offer them greater convenience at lower cost with ROOF service in 30 to 45 minutes from your tenants’ stores (rather than ordering from remote warehouses with delivery in 3 to 10 days with 30% returns)

 That’s why ROOF is a vital tool to use now in your declining malls’ recovery strategy.

ROOF is a program you can take to your bank.

Click Here for our brief slide presentation. Then, email us with any questions or send your starting information above. We look forward to assisting you NOW !


Gail W. Nichols - Vice Chair


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