Sunday, February 6, 2011

The ONLY Way Retailers Can Compete With Amazon and EBay

As Jack Welch once said: “If You Don’t Have A Competitive Edge, Don’t Compete.”

Amazon’s phenomenal web-only growth could exceed $80 billion by 2020..…exceeding Sears’ current sales by 2013, Target’s by 2017 and Kroger’s by 2020.

You don’t stop juggernauts like this by playing their game.

Rather, you need to change the playing field to your game, with your rules, that they simply can’t match.


The Achilles Heel of all web-only retailers, no matter how big they are, is TIME – that translates into consumer convenience.

3 to 10 day order fulfillment is simply not convenient when compared to 1-Hour fulfillment from stores.

Store-based 1-Hour fulfillment with effectively 0% returns is less costly than web-only programs with 30% return rates.

The truly amazing thing about this is: It’s very easy for retailers to change these rules of competition and impossible for web-only retailers to get into this new game.

Amazon’s game started with the Internet’s new e-commerce facility starting in 1999 that caused the biggest retailing change of the last decade.

Retailers can change that game to Rapid Online Order Fulfillment (ROOF) in 2011 and direct new online orders to their stores while using their web facilities to round out their retail sales channel.

Implementation is easy: Retailers already have the key assets in play – their local stores and their e-commerce program.

Our Rapid Online Order Fulfillment (ROOF) program provides 100% turnkey 1-Hour personal shopping and delivery – store staff doesn’t do anything other than ring orders through their cash registers.

Retailers can be operational as quickly as they like.

We invite you to call us to take the lead now while it is still available.

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