Saturday, June 4, 2011

Marketplaces: Holy Grail of Retail E-Commerce - Your Silver Bullet for Rapid Growth

We offer you a unique look at the largest multi-channel e-commerce opportunity to come along since the birth of the Internet.  Retail E-Commerce Marketplaces (REMs) have been called the “Holy Grail of Retail”. 

And now, you can have a Branded REM SuperCyberCenter© – your “Silver Bullet” for rapid growth.

Overview of REMs:
Retail E-Commerce Marketplaces (REMs) are the online equivalent of large Regional Malls with multiple Third Party Stores joining together to benefit from the enormous amount of consumer traffic (shoppers) generated by the Mall layout, location and cross-marketing.  Typically, Regional Mall Third Party Stores pay a minimum base rent and a percentage of sales over the base rent to the Mall owner/manager based on traffic and location.
REMs have become a major driver of new business for online merchants and Regional Mall owners that leverage REMs as channels for increased sales. REMs are the primary type of multichannel ecommerce.
Consumer transactions are processed by the REM owner/manager, functioning as the merchant of record, and are fulfilled, then delivered by Third Party Stores/Sellers.  REMs offer a wide variety of products and provide consumers with the convenience of purchasing such products from a single location then having everything delivered.  REMs generally provide better prices, greater selection and higher levels of availability than traditional online retailers. 
Proof that REMS are the “Holy Grail of Retail”:

The largest REMs are:

  • Amazon, one of the fastest growing retailers today with 40% of sales ($16 Billion annually) through its REM;

  • eBay with its announced $2.4 billion purchase of GSI Commerce (one of the first and largest REMs); and

  • Walmart, through the recent creation of its “Project Titan” REM.

Delivery is by FedEx, UPS and USPS usually within 3 to 10 days.  However, both Walmart and Amazon are trying to speed up delivery with Next Day service.

REMs are the newest major retail sales channel enabling smaller retailers to become online e-commerce Third Party Sellers, while an early few of the top national well-branded retailers will become successful long-term REM owner/managers.  (Not all major retailers can support their own REM due to lack of Brand dominance, experience and current market positioning.)  Large, well established Regional Malls will also eventually become successful long-term REMs duplicating their existing malls.

Like all new sales and marketing channels, the early visionaries have the best chance of success in this powerful but highly selective new arena.

Pros Of REMs:

  1. REMs can increase owner/manager’s sales 35% to 50% (see Amazon above) and profits 50% to 100%REMs instantly broaden owner/manager’s products and marketplace

  2. REMs increase traffic to owner/manager’s e-commerce websites and Bricks & Mortar locations that could not be done without a REM

  3. REMs enable cross-marketing online and in-store with Third Party Sellers

Cons Of REMs:

  1. REM owner/managers must have sufficient initial traffic to attract enough Third Party Sellers

  2. REM owner/managers need specialized experience to run and succeed with a REM

  3. REM owner/managers need strong branded national presence for rapid consumer acceptance

  4. REM owner/managers need a unique marketing differentiator to attract sufficient Third Party Sellers

Branded REM SuperCyberCenters© – Your “Silver Bullet” For Rapid Growth

As the main function of retail e-commerce is DELIVERY Of Products, major differentiators include: speed of delivery, efficiency, hours of service, payment & collection and quality control features of delivery.

Major Differentiators of Your Branded REM SuperCyberCenter versus Walmart, Amazon & eBay REMs:

·         Rapid Online Order Fulfillment (ROOF) Program – 100% Turnkey, Patented

o   1-Hour, 24 / 7 / 365 order assembly and local delivery from your stores and your Third Party Sellers’ instead of 3 to 10 Days delivery by FedEx, UPS & USPS

o   Product payment to store cashier by ROOF CyberValet Shoppers before leaving

o   Personal Customer service at-their-door with product inspection prior to transfer and payment

o   Returns processing to store where product purchased

·         Virtual contact center for consumer inquiries, order processing oversight, tech support

·         National sales team that recruits, coordinates and manages your SuperCyberCenter’s Third Party Sellers

·         National transport team experts recruit, train and supervise CyberValet Shoppers

Why Partner With Us:

We have over 30 years REM experience internationally in Rapid Fulfillment of Time-Sensitive Commodities (Groceries, Retail, Pharmacy, Restaurant & Fast Food).  Frankly, nobody else anywhere has anything close to our combined experience and/or abilities.
Our competitive advantages also include our REM patent, proprietary technology, various trademarks, Smithsonian Computerworld Award and our prior success in creating numerous industry-changing patented products and services now ubiquitous worldwide.
Please contact us today to review how your company can qualify for a Branded REM SuperCyberCenter owned by you and operated for you by The Now Mall and our affiliates.

As there is room for only a limited number of major REM retailers in local communities, please call us now while your preferred areas remain available.  We look forward to working with you.

Thank you,

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