Monday, May 9, 2011

The Retail Market Is SHIFTING Again - Who Is Winning, Who Is Losing ?

What separates business winners from losers in today’s new e-commerce culture ?

A lot of pundits would say you need to be efficient, cost conscious and manage margins. Others would say you need to be really good (excellent) at something – much better than anyone else. Unfortunately, that sounds good but in our fast-paced, highly competitive world today those platitudes don’t really create winners.  Success has much more to do with the ability to shift.  And to create shift.  Quoted from “Winners Shift, Losers Don't” (see article).

As an example, Amazon’s current annualized sales are now $39 billion, rising 38% annually, of which 40% ($15.6 billion) came from Third Party Sellers in their Marketplace (see "Third Party Sellers” here)

However, Amazon’s Marketplace of Third Part Sellers didn’t exist 10 years ago, thus demonstrating the undeniable power of e-commerce Market Shifting taking the lead ahead of anyone else. 

Today, eBay, Walmart, Sears and others are all copying Amazon’s Third Party Seller program for competitive reasons.  However, these copycats are not Market Shifters as they didn’t change anything (other than perhaps their companies into a more competitive position).  The net-net of this Major Market Shift are a few early winners and many late-to-arrive losers.

Another terrific example of Market Shifting is by Walmart, who intends to become the world’s largest online retailer surpassing Amazon, with their “Project Titan’s Next-Day Delivery. (see MOST CURRENT Articles #1  and  #2 ). This improves on Amazon’s 3 to 10 day delivery and at lower delivery costs.  

Tommy Lasorda said: “There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens.”

You can watch what happens with “The Battle Of The Titans” while trying to expand your market share, same as your competitors are doing (see GREAT article) – OR – make it happen by Market Shifting with new platforms to spike your growth as The Titans are doing.   

You certainly will not take market share from Walmart or Amazon doing the “Same-Old-Thing” – quite the opposite.  Even matching The Titans won’t cut it anymore.
Let Us Help You Create Your “SuperCyberCenter©” – The Next Major E-Commerce Innovation Shift

For the Top 500 chain retailers, in-store retail sales are marginally up while online sales are now 10% to 30% of total sales.  (see article)

If your current sales are not at least equal to either of the above averages, you need a Market Shift:   maintaining your core business;  while shifting to new platforms with quickly changing consumer preferences.  "Times have changed forever.  Trends are NOT like the shadows of yesterday." (Quote by Robert Taylor)  It’s essential to shift to new platforms quickly with today’s trends or become irrelevant.

And forecasting future online sales over the average growth rate of 11.3% annually (see above article) is downright dangerous without making a significant Market Shift.

Here’s How To Market Shift with Your “SuperCyberCenter”:

ADD 15% to 20% of sales from other LOCAL retailers, restaurants, pharmacies & grocers (Third Party Sellers) to your existing in-store sales (as The Titans are doing) with a SuperCyberCenter = 40% additional sales & 79% added profits including your 15% ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment) in-store sales – WITH HIGHER PROFITS.

Shift your overall strategy to easier achieved platforms as many of these LOCAL retailers do not yet have e-commerce capability but know they need it.  Why struggle with underperforming e-commerce fulfillment platforms when easier, more profitable trends are right in front of you.

“Too often business leaders spend too much time thinking about what they do.  They think about costs, margins, the “business model” and execution.  But success really has less to do with those things than understanding trends, and capitalizing on those trends by shifting. You don’t have to be the lowest cost, or most efficient or even the most passionate.  What works a lot better is to go where the trends are favorable, and give customers solutions that align with the trends. And if you do this early, before anyone else, you’ll have a lot of time to figure out how to make money before competitors try to cut your margins!”

“Recognize that most “execution” is about preserving what happened in the past.  Trying to do things better, faster and cheaper.  But in a rapidly changing world, new competitors change the basis of competition.” 

“For investors, employees and suppliers you are better off to be with the company that shifts.  It has the ability to grow with the trends.  And the faster you get out of those companies which are stuck, locked-in to their old business model and practices in an effort to defend historical behaviors, the better off you’ll be.  Despite the P/E multiples, or other claims of “value investing,” to succeed you’re a lot better off with the company that’s finding and building on trends than the ones managing costs.”  Quoted from “Winners Shift, Losers Don't” (see article). 

Your new SuperCyberCenter sales are assembled, paid for as we leave the store and delivered by our professional CyberValet® Shoppers from all your Third Party Sellers usually in less than 1-Hour  24 / 7 / 365 at the same (or less) price than in-store prices.  And delivery can be FREE.  Collectively, these are the reasons why the other LOCAL stores will participate with you, INSTEAD OF THE TITANS, as NONE of The Titans can offer them any of these significant SuperCyberCenter features, making SuperCyberCenters uniquely different than “Marketplaces”.  AND, your high profile nationally-branded stores are the “BEACON” to drive in local online consumers (bringing even more traffic to you from your Third Party Sellers’ myriad and loyal local customers.)

AND it’s 100% turnkey – We do it all.

Let your customers know about your SuperCyberCenter’s 1-Hour In-Store Shopping & Delivery program – they will be delighted to participate because their needs are so great and SuperCyberCenters uniquely offer other important local stores and restaurants “When You Just Can’t Get out, Or Have Better Things To Do ®”  Your LOCAL Third Party Sellers will willingly do the same promotions.

Neither Walmart nor Amazon can match, let alone beat, your SuperCyberCenter.  (It’s patented.)  And it complements & significantly enhances your current Online & In-Store platforms.

Your SuperCyberCenter is the difference between being relevant, or becoming irrelevant, in today’s new e-commerce culture.  However most staff members prefer the “Same-Old-Thing” because it’s job security – no risk – nothing unknown/new.  Only rising star staff members have the chutzpah to recommend such reasonable initiatives as Market Shifting and SuperCyberCenters.

If 40% sales increase with 79% higher profits is of interest, let’s discuss the feasibility of your company adding a SuperCyberCenter (or, in the least, joining one).

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