Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Retail Odyssey - An Amazing But True Epic Modern Day Journey

Like the original story by Homer, the ending of The Retail Odyssey is filled with intrigue and power.
This modern journey reflects the influence on events resulting from choices made by various retail executives while fighting the economy, rapidly growing e-commerce and each other for the hand of the consumer – The Amazing Retail Odyssey – a truly epic journey.

The Retail Odyssey begins with retail executives who know their company inside and out; what makes them tick, and what doesn’t, and are therefore great warriors.

But the majority of these warriors are struggling to keep up with what the desires are today of prized, ever-changing consumers, and what they don’t want any longer.

The graphs below show the effect on their companies by these beleaguered retail executives who have tried to make the consumer fit their company’s policies and products rather than making their company and products fit today’s consumer – resulting in The Retail Odyssey being similar to Homer’s Odyssey.

Using Amazon as the “Gold Standard”, these graphs show each of the 22 retail combatants and their individual epic journeys – a 15 year journey in time similar to the original Odyssey. Each is a unique retailer with different results - but only one appears poised to ultimately win the hand of the consumer.

There is only one retailer so far that has beaten the Gold Standard. We show their amazing and, to some, a shocking Odyssey.

Take a minute to reflect on each of these actual and truly epic battles being fought in each frame below: consider what they should have done, and must now do to change the future outcome and see the result of their strengths and weaknesses in this rapidly changing and dangerous journey. How close is your conclusion for each of these combatants to the conclusion of this Retail Odyssey?

You will find this epic journey factual and highly interesting – one frame at a time: collectively revealing and explosive.

The Winner beat the Gold Standard and Won The Consumer

The 21 Combatants – The Suitors, who are not yet winning against the Gold Standard (In Alphabetical Order)

The Retail Odyssey Conclusion – Part 2

So far there has only been one winner against the Gold Standard – very few of the others have shown any sign of real innovation over the last 15 years, and specifically over the last 3 years when it was needed the most.

The likelihood of any of these 21 Suitors exceeding the Gold Standard is highly unlikely without employing true innovation.

Eventually, one of these 21 will see and think outside the conventional box and recognize that the sheer size of the victory outlined in the charts below requires a Ulysses’ type endeavor not found in conventional marketing boxes.

Our solution to winning the hand of the consumer (chart 3 below) is easy to apply and it’s 100% turnkey.

Similar to Ulysses, we developed it at enormous up-front time and cost to us while overcoming adversity. After being shipwrecked after an ambush (chart 5 below), like Ulysses, we are the only surviving entrepreneurs capable of helping any Suitor win the contest, albeit appearing as beggars – same as in the original Odyssey.

We have proven conclusively that consumers want and need our solution and will reward the retailers who work with us to provide it.

Please contact us when you are ready to win.

Gail Nichols, Vice Chair
The Now Mall
The Ultimate Shopping Convenience®

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