Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013: The Year Of 1-Hour Instant Gratification – Consumers Finally Get Their #1 Choice – And A New Retail World Leader

It took 10 years, and a lot of patience, but consumers finally get their #1 Choice in 2013.
In 2003, we asked consumers what they wanted the most in retail services.

They overwhelmingly said: Rapid 1-Hour Delivery – Instant Gratification with Online Ordering (chart 1 below) – today we know this as E-commerce.

After years of testing every conceivable way to PROFITABLY achieve the consumer’s #1 Choice – The Holy Grail Of Retail, a One Trillion Dollar Market (charts 2 and 3 below);

And after myriad others failed; with persistence, we finally discovered the Secret Ingredients of the “Golden Goose Formula” to achieve this Trillion Dollar Market.

However, unlike Indiana Jones, to win the day this Golden Goose Formula requires A Team of Expert Players, each doing their part in harmony and excellence.


As Steve Jobs said: “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

Who Will The New Retail World Leader Be ? 
No player could achieve this goal on their own, no matter how big or powerful they are – several tried and all failed because they all missed one or more of the “Secret Ingredients”.

In 2009, after we invested an entrepreneurial fortune in Development, Testing & Field Trials in various U.S. cities:

We began searching for the right expert players to build the necessary Consortium Network Team, including The Leading Consortium Member.

But putting together such a team of excellence has not been an easy task, especially overcoming their innate Inertia, Fear, Myopia, Greed & Apathy (The 5 Horsemen of the Retail Apocalypse).

However, this has been Exactly The Same process as in all our other entrepreneurial achievements (see "Our Credentials" chart 4 below) – so we were prepared for it, but as this is our biggest endeavor, it is also the most difficult, has taken longer and cost us more to achieve.

As Jeff Bezos said: “We are willing to invent. We are willing to think long-term. We start with the customer and work backwards. And, very importantly, we are willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time.”

The Candidates For The New Retail World Leader: 
Finally in mid 2012, the most aggressive and innovative retailers, Amazon & Walmart, began offering The Next Best Thing to The Holy Grail Of Retail – Same Day Delivery instead of Instant Gratification.

Then in late 2012, based on information we sent them, eBay offered consumers a BETA copy of our Golden Goose Formula, minus: (1) our patented portion, and (2) our “Secret Sauce”; ultimately moving eBay to the top of the list of failures in this space (see "Rules Of The Game" below). Fair to say, several candidates who want to know confidential components of our Golden Goose Formula will be eliminated from our list of finalists and thus the Trillion Dollar Holy Grail Of Retail.

Today, very early in 2013, news articles abound discussing Instant Gratification, Rapid Delivery and how the retail world of Bricks & Mortar and E-commerce are converging in the consumer’s favor.

As well, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and even Google are all joining the Rapid Delivery stampede – the world of Speedy Retail Delivery is now permanently here – with eBay leading the Rapid Delivery charge into 2013 but without the key ingredients of our Golden Goose Formula – so the 2013 race is now on for the world’s future retail leader and the lion’s share of The New Trillion Dollar Market.

The trouble is that 98% of all retailers are “Specialty” retailers that, by their design, are eliminated in the race for The Holy Grail Of Retail because Wider Product Choice is a key ingredient – unless they join our Consortium Network Team.

Smaller local retailers with less purchasing power are also eliminated because of another key ingredient: Price – unless they also join our Consortium Network Team.

As Steve Jobs said: “Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.”

The 12 Finalists For The New Retail World Leader: 
The consumer’s #1 Choice, The Holy Grail Of Retail and The Resulting Trillion Dollar Market, await one of these 12 qualifying retailers:Who will be The Leading Consortium Member of this New Trillion Dollar Market: Walmart; Target; Sears; Macy’s; JCPenney; Home Depot; Lowe’s; CVS; Walgreens; Staples; Barnes & Noble; Best Buy, or perhaps one of TWO surprising and powerful “Dark Horses” ?

As Winston Churchill said: “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.”

Stay posted and we’ll keep you informed who The New Retail World Leader will be.

Best Wishes for the Finalists in this fascinating & exciting New Retail Year: 2013, The Consumer’s Year Of 1-Hour Instant Gratification.


Gail Nichols

Vice Chair, The Now Mall

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