Sunday, February 28, 2010

Acres Of Diamonds Are Sitting In Your Shopping Centers

Acres Of Diamonds” are right under your feet. Now is your time to really score, if you look carefully.
  1. I think you will agree your tenants’ in-mall sales are relatively flat due to the economy.
  2. I think you will also agree the Online deals they promote in your shopping centers take even more sales out of your malls.
  3. You may also agree that, as busy consumers adopt online shopping with continuously growing momentum, 35% of all core retail sales will soon be Online. (See government stats chart below)
  4. But, what you probably don’t know is that your major tenants are losing the online market share battle to powerful web-only retailers, a dangerous trend for chain stores. (see article Click Here) Seems like bad news for shopping center owners – right ?? No – It’s All Great News. You now stand to score really big...AND SO DO YOUR TENANTS. Here’s how…
To win the huge 35% Online sales battle against powerful Internet retailers; “Space Age” service is your tenants’ only profitable solution. Every consumer alive prefers fast economical delivery (“Beam-me-up-Scotty”).  Nobody DESIRES the current 3 to 10 day delivery for online orders.

And, as you know, 3 to 10 day delivery is the root cause for the 20% to 30% return rates that destroy your tenants’ current Online sales profitability. Your tenants are in a bad box.

Here is Your “Acres Of Diamonds” Opportunity:

YOUR ACRES OF DIAMONDS: Use the power of your shopping centers together with our fully turnkey ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment) Space Age program to quickly enhance your ROI. ROOF offers your customers and tenants affordable & convenient online shopping & delivery from your tenants’ stores with 30 to 45 minute service 7 / 24 / 365 with far less cost, virtually zero returns and amazingly higher profits than regular online ordering.

ROOF is the lowest cost multi-channel marketing & distribution solution to the above sales & profit dilemma, providing 25% to 35% increased store and mall sales, with 12% to 18% higher MALL profits and enhanced customer loyalty that were only a fantasy until now.

Tenants’ stores & inventory are sitting IN YOUR SHOPPING CENTERS, ready to go right now – 10 minutes from your customers’ homes & offices. Web-only retailers simply can’t match this.  Careful thinking about this says…It’s the yellow brick road to your future.

With ROOF, you hold the keys to the future growth and survival of many of your tenants – commanding higher rent and higher caliber tenants. Here’s why & how.

Here’s The Deal:  ROOF needs 35 to 65 participating stores to open a service area incorporating one or more shopping centers in a 5 to 7 mile radius. We can’t do it one store at a time. To get your “Acres Of Diamonds” of new sales, profits, walk-in traffic & property values, we need to work together. Yes, we pay you to increase your profits

On top of the increased rent, traffic and property value we bring you, we also pay you a sales rebate from our revenue from your tenants when you equip your malls with ROOF.  Now you have regained full control over the destiny of your significant retail properties.

Within 12 months, we’ll bring back your lost Online sales (currently a 10% to 14% drain) PLUS new local online sales (8% to 12%) + more walk-in traffic (7% to 10%) and increase your current profits by 12% to 18%. If there is any doubt, let’s do a multi-location field trial to prove it to you. The “Diamonds” are now in your pockets, not in your dreams.

Standing by to turn on your ROOF Space Age service for new customers and higher profits. (Click Here to see how)

Gail W. Nichols - Vice Chair

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