Friday, March 12, 2010

Retailer "Space Age" Multi-Channel Marketing & Distribution Program

Your stores hold the secret to uncovering your “Acres Of Diamonds” solution that increases profits 75%.

35% of all core retail sales will soon be Online as busy consumers adopt online shopping with continuously growing momentum.

But, Chain stores are losing the online market share battle with web-only retailers, a dangerous trend for chain store marketing executives. (see article Click Here) Heavy discounting is not the solution: Space Age service is. 

Every consumer alive prefers fast, economical delivery (“Beam-me-up-Scotty”). Nobody DESIRES the current 3 to 10 day delivery for online orders. And, as you know, 3 to 10 day delivery is the root cause for the 20% to 30% return rates that destroy current e-commerce profitability… overwhelming challenge for your e-commerce team.

Your Acres of Diamonds: Use the power of your stores together with our 100% turnkey ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment) program to quickly offer your customers affordable & convenient online shopping & delivery from your stores with 30 to 45 minute service 7 / 24 / 365 with far less cost, virtually zero returns and amazingly higher profits than your current e-commerce program.

Simple Common Sense: Your customers’ homes and offices are 10 minutes away from your local stores & inventory that are sitting there, ready to go. Why ship things half-way across the country from a remote warehouse in 3 to 10 days with higher costs and 20% to 30% return rates when, at less cost and virtually no returns, you can get your products to your customers when they really want them – 30 to 45 minutes 24 / 7 / 365 ? Your store sales will go up, as will your inventory turns and your profits plus you will have happier customers and more of them. 

ROOF is your lowest cost multi-channel marketing & distribution solution to the above sales & profit dilemma. 

Your stores are already fully equipped – nothing else is required and there is nothing extra for you or your store staff to do as ROOF is 100% Turnkey - We Do It All For You. All you have to do is “Flip The Switch” . . .

Only ROOF offers on-demand In-Store shopping with ‘regular’ delivery in 30 to 45 minutes for all consumer daily needs – truly a “Space Age” hybrid of conventional national ‘next-day/week service’ courier companies. 

Standing by to turn on your ROOF Space Age service for myriad new customers and sustainable higher profits. 


P.S. Click Here for the entire brief ROOF slide presentation

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