Monday, April 25, 2011

Walmart Just Beat Everyone Out Of The Gate AGAIN


In our last blog post dated April 19 (below), Wal-Mart said their Next-Day Delivery Program was not yet approved, so we felt you had a 90+ day window to become prepared.  Well, thanks to their purposeful misinformation, we were wrong !

On Saturday, April 24, Wal-Mart opened “Walmart To Go” (see Article) starting with NEXT-DAY delivery of groceries in San Jose, California as part of their “Project Titan” (see Article); same as they have been doing in the UK, Mexico and Japan.

This is Super Bad News for Amazon, Safeway, Peapod and your local grocers.  BUT THAT’S JUST THE START OF THIS E-COMMERCE RETAIL REVOLUTION.  After all, Wal-Mart now needs to grow $14 BILLION every year just to stay relevant.  And their new market share has to come from someone else…. like you. 

Can you foresee when everything is delivered by Walmart from their local retail complex with no other local competing stores existing ?  Well, they can.

Wal-Mart has repeatedly stated that “Project Titan” is the beginning of Wal-Mart’s push to become the lead e-commerce retailer worldwide (see Article).  But when you look at the retail landscape objectively, Wal-Mart’s  “Pick Up Today”  and  “Walmart To Go”  offer high consumer convenience that not only increases Wal-Mart’s ONLINE business but takes customers away from competing local stores with Wal-Mart’s significantly lower prices and much higher service levels.  

Wal-Mart just eliminated the consumer’s need to navigate traffic, long cashier line-ups and miles of walking in stores: when they could be golfing, at the ball game or enjoying their family !  Smart People – Wal-Mart recognized and acted upon the obvious consumer needs and wants as well as offset the various problems people experience in shopping at Walmart stores.  And, Wal-Mart’s low in-store prices apply for delivery – approximately 27% less than regular supermarket prices.

NOW THAT’S TOUGH TO BEAT – And of course they planned it this way and are looking for as much lead time as they can get by telling you it’s only a test and only groceries.  BUT THEY ARE ALREADY DELIVERING THEIR ENTIRE RETAIL PRODUCT RANGE IN THE UK, MEXICO AND JAPAN.  So, Walmart To Go is no test and it’s not just groceries in the long run.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS – While we had hoped you might beat Wal-Mart “Out-Of-The-Gate” and take the lead position with our patented Rapid Online Order Fulfillment (ROOF) program;  Wal-Mart has demonstrated the future of retail clearly is in Rapid Home Delivery as they did in the UK, Mexico, Japan and now the U.S. 

This Leads You To Two New Opportunities:

1.     Visionary retail leaders will seize the opportunity to improve on Project Titan’s initiatives and become the industry leaders by eclipsing Walmart’s Same-Day Pick Up and Next-Day Delivery with ROOF 1-Hour In-Store Shopping and Delivery, which even Wal-Mart cannot beat. And Wal-Mart probably won’t try to match ROOF for some time to come, thus allowing you to grasp the lead time they were counting on to establish market dominance.

Before Wal-mart opened the Rapid Home Delivery program door thus trouncing the current 3 – 10 day e-commerce common practice, retailers were content with the status quo.  And, as Wal-Mart hopes and expects, these retailers will ignore Walmart To-Go and Wal-Mart's Project Titan initiatives once again, until it is too late. 

2.      Implement a ROOF SuperCyberCenter© (i.e. Virtual SuperCenter = Walmart and Virtual Marketplaces = Amazon and others).  This is a huge new way to leverage ALL your current assets – tangible and intangible - and earn additional profit from participating stores.  

For example, most local and regional grocery stores have completely ignored Home Delivery as Wal-Mart Supercenters began significantly stealing their in-store sales in the late 90’s.  Now, with “Walmart To Go”, they have a major incentive to join your ROOF SuperCyberCenter© – a competitive Rapid Online Order Fulfillment (ROOF) local area consortium in a SuperCyberCenter format, thereby further increasing your sales and profits both in your stores and through their online sales in your ROOF SuperCyberCenters, which are greater in consumer scope than Walmart’s Project Titan.

Due to the now proven importance to Wal-Mart’s future growth of their “Project Titan”, we hope we can start ROOF with you ASAP so as to steal Project Titan’s thunder in the Media.

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  1. I wouldnt count on walmart. This is the same company that brings in crappy produce and thinks that you'll buy it just because its low cost. I have found that with a little planning and creative use of coupons, I can beat Walmarts prices and be in a better shopping environment. If you want to keep an eye on a potential powerhouse, I would keep an eye on the small retail format that Tesco is doing in SoCal and Vegas.