Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Battle Of The E-Commerce Titans (Wal-Mart & Amazon) Heats Up Fast - LOOK AT THIS

For several years now, we have been reporting on The Growth Of The Internet as it relates to retail stores and shopping centers.

At first, our reports were met by Out-And-Out skepticism.  “After all, 15% annual growth of not much is still nothing.”  Nobody is saying this  anymore.

Our Online Retail Sales Growth Chart (below) was summarily discarded by most last year – Now it is used by many as reference material.

What also was ignored:   “The Battle Of The Titans”  (Click Here) between Walmart and Amazon for dominance of E-commerce. 

LOOK AT THIS IMPORTANT article about Amazon (Click Here).  Their surging online sales plus Walmart’s “Project Titan” (Click here) with faster delivery (Next-Day instead of 3 to 10 Days) of online orders from their local stores, are heating up E-commerce competition to the boiling point.

These powerful initiatives will raise online retail sales way beyond anything anyone anticipated, thus raising the stakes for all other players WAY beyond the current E-commerce Status Quo (i.e. free delivery in 3 to 10 days).



After all – it is YOUR store sales that the Titans are after.  Neither Walmart nor Amazon is going to let anyone win without giving huge unmatchable consumer incentives way beyond what is sustainable.  As the above reports confirm: It’s going to be a long and bloody battle.  There will be a few winners starting with the consumer (and Walmart) and a lot of losers starting with single-line Bricks & Click stores who rely on 3 to 10 day delivery services.

Previously; Bricks & Clicks retailers could hide behind the fact that Walmart & Amazon did not sell their BRANDS as well as the major segment of consumers who did not want to go to Walmart’s large and crowded stores.

THIS ONLINE BATTLE HAS 100% CHANGED ALL THAT. They now both have significant Online “Marketplaces” – participating retailers filling in their blind spots including all independent brand names.

SCARY STUFF:  Look at the tremendous firepower these two are pouring into this long term, fiercely fought battle.  Nobody else in their right mind can even think of matching this as the Titans extend their powerful reach with much lower prices, much wider selection, and now much faster delivery right past your stores into your customers’ living rooms

Stores with flat in-store sales can no longer count on increasing their e-commerce sales to make up the difference.  Pick-Up in-store and 3 to 10 day delivery – even if it is free, won’t cut it now.  Of course, you could try in-house delivery as Webvan did and Sears is struggling to do with MyGofer !


Inertia & Apathy:  Everyone is afraid of losing their job – their focus is not their customers, company or market cap – so nothing original or daring is done – except by Wal-Mart and Amazon;  who now have an open field to play in – virtually uncontested.  Without immediate, innovative and aggressive competitive leadership, the future growth engine of retail will be permanently lost to these two Titans.

SUMMARY:  The Only Proven Solution Against The Titans is ROOF (Rapid Online Order Fulfillment – 24 / 7 / 365 – In-Store Shopping & Delivery usually in less than 1-Hour)

The only risk you have is in doing nothing. 

The fact is:  improving your e-commerce service level (and surpassing theirs) is easy, cost effective and clearly the future.  ROOF is also 100% turnkey.  However, as ROOF is relatively new, its implementation will take leadership from the top of your corporation.

Our brief, but comprehensive, online slide presentation including options and FAQs can be viewed here.   (NOTE:  Our ROOF website is ‘live’ in zip 33180 for demonstration purposes and can be reconfigured to meet your requirements.)

P.S.  For even greater increased revenue and sales, ask about creating, or joining, a ROOF Branded SuperCyberCenter© to out-distance Walmart and Amazon’s Online “Marketplaces”.


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