Monday, December 14, 2009

THE ELEPHANT IN YOUR MALLS: Who Invited The Internet Into Your Malls. The Stores Did !!

We know this sounds ridiculous, but Shopping Center owners really need to charge extra rent for the Internet “Elephant” that is now voraciously devouring your sales and traffic in your malls. These lost mall sales are huge; currently 10% to 15% of your customer purchases are now Internet off-premises sales ….growing rapidly to 25% within 5 years. And, you can’t stop this beast from roaming your malls, herding away your mall visitors as they browse and then go home to order ‘deals’ online. There go your mall sales and traffic counts (and new tenants and higher rents).

Innovators and early adopters can harness this elephant into bringing in paying customers. It’s Easy.

Look, elephants work for peanuts, and so does the Internet. Just turn it around, take it outside and put it in your mall parking lots (our drivers). Get our Network working for you for peanuts.

Bonus: we eliminate the 30% high-cost returns caused by 3 to 10 day delivery from your tenants’ online warehouse sales. Your customers will now get 30 to 45 minute fulfillment service (in-store shopping & delivery) via the Network from your participating retailers and at less cost than in-store. You just turned a gigantic disaster into a huge sales and goodwill benefit – using the same Internet Elephant. Except it’s now in your parking lots working for you for peanuts.

Our credentials are below. We have several major shopping mall owners in various stages of implementation. We’re standing by to be of service to you as well.

Our Credentials: We’ve successfully implemented three other similar major industry-changing solutions and in every single case it was the “Innovators & Early Adopters” that sparked those industries’ revolutions. These 3 industries were: the Food Processing industry (our Innovator was: Kraft Foods); the Retail industry (our Innovator was: Sears); and, the Call Center industry (our Early Adopter was: Home Shopping Network). All were the Industry leader and all benefited enormously. I would love to discuss these with you.

In recognition of how our pioneering products improved lives and profits, we won many awards including a Smithsonian Award, President’s Award, Environmental Award, etc. But, the main reward has been improving the way the things work, for the benefit of all. In each case, our products & services became ubiquitous while also continuing to benefit the Innovators & Early Adopters and their industries. We’re ready to work with you to do the same.

Standing by to be of service.

Happy Holidays !

Gail Nichols

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