Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As if times aren’t tough enough, the Internet is sinking mall sales and profits and tenants are actually promoting it in their stores inside the malls!

Many retailers do NOT promote their in-store promos in their email campaigns – just their online deals. Sure, their Head Offices need to keep up with their competitors’ websites which are now boasting online sales of 15% or more of their total sales…. And this is growing rapidly to 25% within 5 years.

This “tip of the iceberg” eye-opener substantially beats the government’s forecast (see chart below).

Remember, at one time, these sales were from stores in your malls. Not any longer…customers may browse in your malls but they end up ordering online with fulfillment from distant warehouses. How much can you afford to lose before you take action ?

There is a simple and effective solution for innovators & early adopters.

Yes, the Internet is here to stay, no question about it. So keep your ship afloat by offering your tenants a better solution than they currently have.

The Internet is mostly about convenience. Clearly 30 to 45 minute delivery beats the daylights out of 3 to 10 day delivery AND solves the stores’ Head Office problem of 30% returns due to inherently slow delivery. AND yes, with our solution, the delivery fulfillment price is actually less than in-store prices for participating tenant stores. So everyone wins: Consumers, your Tenants’ Stores and your Shopping Centers.

In recognition of how our pioneering products improved lives and profits, we won many awards including a Smithsonian Award, President’s Award, Environmental Award, etc. But, the main reward has been improving the way the things work, for the benefit of all. In each case, our products & services became ubiquitous while also continuing to benefit the Innovators & Early Adopters and their industries. We’re ready to work with you to do the same.

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Gail Nichols

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