Friday, December 18, 2009

Fight Fire With Fire.

OK, so you're sick of hearing about it. But 15% of shopping malls’ sales (and overage rents) just went up in smoke, which will rise to 25% within 5 years. Somebody should be calling the fire department, or at least sounding the fire alarm. This is really serious stuff. Sure, the economy will get better, soon. But for mall owners, the Internet fire storm is getting even worse, much worse, and fast. Imagine, 25% of your mall no longer producing revenue, just as if it had burned to the ground.

But here’s a solution for innovators and early adopters that's fast, sensible and easy...

Fight Fire With Fire. You are not going to beat the Internet; it's here to stay. But the emergency fire extinguishers are sitting right outside your mall doors waiting to come to your rescue (our drivers).

Our Network processes your mall customers’ online & phone orders, assembles them in-store, pays for them and delivers them usually within 30 to 45 minutes. A heck of a lot faster than your tenants’ current online order delivery in 3 to 10 days with 30% returns due to customers who changed their mind or were not home (nothing convenient or profitable about that). And, our prices at-the-door to consumers for orders from participating stores are less than in-store prices. Even the Internet can’t beat that.

As we now have a significant number of mall owners joining our patented worldwide Network, we suggest you call today to reserve your 2010 Network implementation date. We’re standing by to be of service.

Best regards,

Gail Nichols
Vice Chair

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